A.I. in education since 2006

360AI is powered by EDIA, an international EdTech company with a strong pedigree in machine learning and natural language processing. With the 360AI technology we help educational organizations implement data- and algorithm-driven education and training. The team consists of experienced consultants, talented software engineers and award-winning AI specialists based in Amsterdam and London.


Meet the 360AI Executives:

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Jaeques Koeman

CEO and Co-founder

Jaeques Koeman MSc, is CEO and co-founder of Dutch Edtech company EDIA. He has a background in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in the application of Artificial Intelligence in education. He has also been part of the founding team of Knowble, producing award-winning adaptive learning solutions using machine learning and natural language processing. 

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Roland Groen

CTIO and Co-founder

Roland Groen is Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and co-founder of Dutch Edtech company EDIA. He holds a MSc in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam with a specialisation in Complex Human Computer Systems combined with Cognitive Psychology. With his broad expertise of Artificial Intelligence, Roland sees to it that the application of A.I. in education is being carried out in the most qualitative and innovative way possible.



Sales Director

Jozef Misik is a serial entrepreneur specializing in the EdTech domain. He has a background in International Business and Entrepreneurship, having studied at Universities in Vienna, Rotterdam and Milan. Jozef is also part of Knowble, an NLP and AI driven language-learning company.




Mark Anderson is the Former Managing Director of Pearson UK, where he led Pearson's UK business. He is an education and leadership specialist and an expert on international strategy and business development. Mark currently acts as an Advisor for 360AI for Education.

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Mark Breuker

Managing Consultant

Mark holds a master's degree in Information Science from the VU University Amsterdam and has been working on EdTech at the intersection between business and IT for over 10 years. Mark's current focus is on product and business development. 

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Sosha Happel

AI Consultant

Sosha holds a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam with a focus on neural networks. Since the start of his study he has been passionate about applying AI to education. For 360AI he combines this with his knowledge of AI to translate the data and needs of end users into smart solutions for our clients.