Predictive modeling

360 AI is a unique and powerful platform for Artificial Intelligence in education, based on the interlinking of three predictive models: the outcome model, the content model and the learner model.



Learner model

Every learner receives personalised, relevant and interactive content. Each learner studies the content that will be most efficient for him/her personally. The more lessons a learner interacts with, the better the software can optimise the personalised content it offers.



360AI starts with the outcomes: Who do you want to become? What do you want to learn? What are your interests? The outcome model is adjusted based on learners strengths & weakness, market developments, changing ambitions etc.



Content creation costs are minimised through the automated selection and curation of curriculum. With access to large databases of learning materials and customisation options, the possibilities are almost limitless.


360 AI at the Core

The three models are at the core of personalised teaching and learning. Together they work as a multi-layered decision and recommendation system in various educational contexts.