Future proof education with Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence to better manage educational content and build smart learning solutions.

360AI provides solutions to educational providers that need to manage large amounts of learning content and make it suitable for 21st century learning.

Unlike traditional solutions, that provide linear content distribution for a one-size-fits-all educational model, our technologies enable granular and context-free content creation for intelligent learning applications that meet the needs of individual learners and their teachers.

Using proprietary AI technologies we extract meaning from unstructured content to increase discoverability, and to provide high-quality content recommendations and analytics.

Who is it for?

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Publishers own lots of excellent content, written by dedicated authors. How can this be transformed and molded to fit todays online learning environment? With the Part of Speech tagger (POS-tagger) one can easily classify the words in a body of text. It opens up a host of possibilities in the form of enhanced reading and exercises.

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Using our API, content creators can easily analyze text, assessing their readability scores before publishing or distributing it.


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While some institutions purchase external third-party solutions, many also develop in-house applications. Our APIs help enhance these custom solutions and speed up development.

Learn what 360AI can do for you

Intended for a mixed audience of business and technical experts, we can provide an onsite or remote presentation on the capabilities of 360AI. The technology introduction is free of charge and aims at determining whether 360AI is a good fit for your business needs.

Get started with our APIs

360AI provides Artificial Intelligence building blocks delivered as APIs, aimed at accelerating the development of innovative teaching and learning products.


The APIs have been structured with a high level of granularity which allows for a significant amount of control. The detailed technical documentation and associated demo page provide a great deal of information to easily get you started.

Our roadmap incorporates progressive enhancement as we continue to develop the first version. Currently the API supports the English language but we plan to support other European languages in the short-term.

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