EdTechX Europe summit London 2017: Introducing 360AI for education

In 2006 EDIA introduced a one of a kind language learning application that uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze online news articles and turn them into language learning material.

DutchReader, a Chrome browser extension, is one of many examples of how our natural language processing technology is used in language learning today.

Drawing from 10+ years experience with A.I. in education, our vision is that A.I. can scale education by automating teaching tasks, and 360AI is now on a mission to build the self-driving car for education. At 360AI we create AI-as-a-service; a set of tools and APIs designed to automate and enhance processes within the educational value chain. 360AI technology is targeted at publishers and other providers of educational content.


Watch the keynote at the EdTechX Europe 2017 summit in London on the self-driving car for education, by Jaeques Koeman, CEO of EDIA here

Shatila Kempff360AI